Being social can happen in person & on media

Lately, I’ve been catching myself plugging how to use social media.  I’m no pro on all outlets but I’m a good little birdy who instantly shares pics & does some writing on some walls.

The more you use these portals, the more they cater to you. It’s creepy actually, how much the interweb elves pick up on. All of my ads have to do with shoes & dating sites (I’m mostly offended due to the latter; Facebook, stop trying to hook me up).

I was noticing the other day that these interweb elves can read my mind. They know who I’m thinking about & put their posts on the top of my home pages. It must be a sign, I think. Then I had an epiphany. Maybe the interweb elves know to put so-and-so where I can see them on my feed because the smart phone elves told them we’d been texting more.

All this time I was convinced there were twists of fate pointing in these directions to show me how cute or funny or kind these other social media users were. I’d read their posts & the texts would continue & it seems like it could be cool to get together IRL but they end up being terrible in person. What is it about being with a tangible human that makes one clam up?

Or there’s the other problem; some people are great face to face but are so cold on the phone. Like, why you mad bro? I’m just trying to chill wit chu; don’t reply with “K”.

Thx bye.


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