As Long As You’re Alive & Care, I Promise [emo music] Will Take You There

This summer is the last full cross country Warped Tour & when I say it’s the end of an era, I really mean it is the end of the era. Emo came in like a force but unfortunately what goes up must come down, I just didn’t think it would go down quite like this. Part of me is holding out hope for a mini Warped Tour that plays Cali shows or goes to venues in “emo” markets, whatever that means, so that I can have something in my life that doesn’t leave.

Ew guys how emo did that sentence sound? How much eyeliner am I wearing right now & did I use a sharpie to make my nails black?

IMG-7600 (2)

Warped Tour was not just a fun summer festival that became a sell out glamping weekend headlined by Beyoncé; Warped Tour was a day for people who thought they were misfits or weirdos being surrounded by people that were also under the impression they were misfits or weirdos… & so were the bands which is what drove them to make the music they do. There seems to be this fear or misconception around the emo, alternative, punk scene where it’s like certain people are edgy & cool (Blink-182 or Fall Out Boy) but not that dark so it’s ok but once it gets too screamy or too sad (Senses Fail or The Used), people get all awkward like someone is about to just off themselves in front of you. No. I believe the point of this genre & of Warped Tour as a whole is to make people not off themselves at all; it’s meant to create a community & a family & a safety net because no one is alone. No matter how weird people make you feel or how sad you are or how mad you get, you should know that other people feel those things too & it does not make any of us weird. It makes us strong & human.

Life is not perfect no matter how someone makes it look on Instagram. I’m guilty of doing it so I am not exempt from calling myself out her! I try to get a good selfie angle, add a clever hashtag, throw an emoji in the mix & make it all look good. But life is far from good some days. When it’s far from good, I turn up the music. I know other people have been in dark places & I know they’ve come out of it, that’s what this music teaches me. There are days that I want it all to be over, & no that does not mean I want to kill myself, it means that I don’t always want to try; I don’t want to put on a face for work, I don’t want to leave the couch, I don’t want to worry about money, I don’t want to answer my texts, I just think it would be easier not to exist some days. I don’t think that’s too far-fetched of a thought & I feel like most people have it at some level.

For me, the days I get to see those emo-rock-alt-punk bands, those are the days I think of when I’m down. I remember screaming until my throat was on fire with everyone else, I remember pushing back in the mosh pit, I remember jumping & punching & closing my eyes knowing that I was so alive despite everything that hurt. Because we all hurt. There isn’t a filter that will get rid of it. Relationships are difficult, families suck, work & school are so draining, & that’s just the surface stuff. Some people go through lifetime movie plot twist type of shit. I can only speak for myself but emo bands & Warped Tour save me from my own a sad movie life.


But now Warped Tour is having it’s own sad movie ending & I wish it weren’t so. The tickets were so affordable considering the amount of bands you got to see, they let you bring your own water & snacks, you got to be outside all day in what was usually nice weather, there were meet & greets with bands, there was always so much free stuff being given away, & so much more going on. It was just the best day of my summer each summer I went.

RIP Warped Tour. I’m grateful I got to attend you in different locations over the last decade & so glad my last experience was in sunny California. You will be missed like no other.


PSA: I do like happy, pop music too! See JT post that also alludes to my love for him & live music as an experience. Hopefully you’ll be able to see a Taylor Swift post that I write after I see the Reputation tour; fingers crossed I get to go.

I also wrote something similar to this once for a website but since i’m just rephrasing my own writing, it’s not plagiarism right??

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