Why I Love Tay & Her Big Reputation

People can talk all the shit they want about Taylor Swift but you have to hand it to that girl. She is a boss & such a smart business woman & despite the drama as of late, she has handled growing up in stardom pretty well. But, you know what, even with the drama as of late, I’m totally cool with her diss songs & not taking the high road. Sometimes you just need to be a bitch & own it. If you mess with her, she won’t just keep taking it. Good for her for clapping back! I get very defensive about my girl Tay Tay.

And you know what, she is going to keep dating guys. At some point there may be a break up (no offense Joe). She may dance with someone at a party. She will throw 4th of July bbqs & won’t invite certain people. No matter what she does people will talk because she’s an A-lister. But she’s also just a girl & us girls go through some shit but we shouldn’t stop living our lives because of the haters. They’re just gonna hate hate hate hate & what are we going to do?

She is also so herself now. She has grown into her personality, as all of us 20 somethings must do, & is unapologetically who she is. She is obsessed with cats. She is an awkward dancer. She loves network cable shows. She goes to Starbucks with her squad of model friends. Celebs… they’re just like us.

The thing I love about her most is her ability to express her feelings through her lyrics. She gave a little speech on that during her show that made me 100% cry. To paraphrase, it went something like this;

“It means so much to me that you guys will let yourselves feel & be vulnerable with me & everyone else in this huge place. I write songs about some really hard things & we are all admitting that we feel that even if it’s not always cool & we are all screaming the words & not letting anyone ruin it.”

That’s not what she said exactly but it’s pretty much what she said. I’m sure the friends I went with, or anyone else that saw a show along the tour, can vouch for me.

But yes people we all have feelings & they are sometimes labeled as fake or pathetic or childish. I love Tay because she’s been understanding my feelings since I was 15… it’s been 13 years… if you get it, you get it. Boys break my heart & girls get mean & things change & life comes at you & it is literally always like that. She has been singing about my struggles the whole time & whether her story behind a song is the same as mine or not (let’s be honest, it’s def not because the boy I dated as a teen did not have the last name Jonas), the sentiment is there. She gets me through some tough times.

If I think back on each album of hers & what it meant to me, I can pinpoint who was in my life & what the source of my heart break was & what it was that kept me going. There is more or a less a boy’s name attached to each one (sadly they aren’t John Mayer or Jake Gyllenhaal). If you think you’re one of the lucky winners & are curious about your prize, slide into my DMs.

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