Don’t Carry Your Shoes In A Lobby This Year

Every year I make resolutions because, as society has taught us, changing a date on a calendar makes you new person. I’m undecided on if I agree or disagree. No, of course I didn’t change from 12/31 @ 11:59pm  to 1/1 @ 12:00am but it’s nice to think I could. It’s also nice to dress in sparkles & have a holiday that doesn’t focus on gifts or eating a huge meal with all your relatives.

& at the risk of sounding cheesy, isn’t it the possibility that makes the idea of resolutions so enticing? There’s this hope in the air after the new year begins because it’s a bit like a clean slate. It’s the outlook that I’m sure all motivational speakers back & all inspirational quotes are based on. But isn’t every minute of every new day a chance to turn it all around!? Please read that last sentence in a high pitched valley girl voice because I hate myself for typing it. 

So now that my sappy new years feels are out there… This is my list of resolutions & how I’m doing with them one month in!

  1. Don’t text first: This obviously applies to people I’m trying to date/mate. I’m hoping to find someone that’s into me & is willing to try for it. I lasted 8 days with this one but I keep trying every damn day!!
  2. Core workouts 2x a week: This is mostly for my running (training for my 5th full marathon!) but it can’t hurt to be in better shape. If I have a year round summer bod, maybe I’ll score the type of person mentioned in resolution 1.
  3. Be at my desk more: Desk in my room not desk at the office. I feel like I fall off the writing bandwagon often &, whether it’s on this site or in my actual journal, writing really does make me feel better so I need to make sure I do it.
  4. Eat what I want: Within reason. For almost 10 years I was a vegetarian & I’m just tired of restricting myself or feeling guilty if I “cheat”. It’s not like I had a medical reason for becoming a vegetarian so why am I punishing myself if I want a buffalo chicken wing? I’m deciding to let myself live & make choices based on my cravings/mood. There are some things I still won’t eat because of taste & because I just don’t want to, & there are still some of my “diet” habits that I’ll stick to. Again, year round summer bod is the goal. 

Let’s do this February!

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