But Do We All Deserve Crowns?

As per Tay’s new jam, “You Need To Calm Down”, we all wear crowns, which is something I can 100% get behind. But I’m also very disappointed with people as of late & am wondering if everyone really deserves their crown.

Why am I disappointed? Chernobyl. When They See Us. Alabama. A person I watched liter. People who I think I can trust talking about my business to others. The animals who’s livelihoods are threatened by climate changed.

How can people be so selfish & turn a blind eye? How can people force others to lie for them? How can people knowingly ruin another beings life? Why are humans like this!? I get so mad & so sad & no I am not perfect but I try to make the best choice possible when given options.

I would just like everyone to do one of two things (or both if you’re ambitious);

  1. Watch Tay’s YNTCD video & learn how to chill tf out.
  2. Read “The House of Impossible Beauties” & get some perspective.

The world is either going to explode soon because we’ve polluted so much of it or we’ll bomb each other into space because one leader is mad enough at another. We are all trying to live out our days in peace & maybe have some fun while we’re at it! So watch/read & think before you act & try to be nice & don’t be dishonest. I’m getting really sad so please just try. 

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